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  • Gift CertificatesGiftCertificate

    Need a gift idea? You can purchase a gift certificate for $75.00. It’s good toward a class of your lucky recipients choice. Or it can be used to purchase gourmet goodies during a class.

  • Grapeseed OilsGrapeseedOils

    Try some grape seed oils that are great tasting and good for you. The grape seeds contained in the pomace, which are separated, dried, and cold-pressed, yield extra special, heart-healthy, varietal grape seed oils.┬áJust like their wine counterparts, there are highly distinctive flavor differences between our oils pressed from white viniferous grapes (Riesling and Chardonnay) […]

  • SaucesApple Chipotle

    Check out our amazing sauces! We have Books BBQ and a full line up of Sweetwater Brines.