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~Welcome to La Maison~

“La Maison” is a quaint, French inspired private home perched on a rocky cliff in Naches Heights offering cooking classes.

Classes vary from full fabulous multicourse meals taught by a professional chef, ”basic-with a twist” cooking classes for the novice, to baking classes taught by a professional pastry chef.

There is no skill required, only a sense of adventure and a love of food. The setting is professional while still relaxed and comfortable; as if you were in a friend’s home for dinner.  A sign hangs above the buffet that reads "enter as strangers, leave as friends".  The sign really represents the evening you'll experience at La Maison.

La Maison is also a great place for private parties that include you helping prepare the menu alongside the personal chef.

It’s like you’re attending a dinner party with friends ~ grab an apron and you get to help make the dinner!  Participate as much or as little at you like.