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Cuisine Club

We are offering membership to a private dinner club. You will get access to private classes that will have a chef creating a full dinner menu.

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Cooking Classes

La Maison offers personalized cooking classes. Each class is taught by a chef or food enthusiast determined to show you a good time, teach you a new skill or recipe, and serve you good food.

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Private Parties

If you have business clients coming in town and want an unforgettable team building experience. If it’s someone special’s birthday and you want an intimate dinner. La Maison offers private, interactive cooking events to include your own chef.

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~Welcome to La Maison~

“La Maison” is a quaint, French inspired private home perched on a rocky cliff in Naches Heights offering cooking classes.

Classes vary from full fabulous multicourse meals taught by a professional chef, ”basic-with a twist” cooking classes for the novice, to baking classes taught by a professional pastry chef.

There is no skill required, only a sense of adventure and a love of food. The setting is professional while still relaxed and comfortable; as if you were in a friend’s home for dinner.  A sign hangs above the buffet that reads “enter as strangers, leave as friends”.  The sign really represents the evening you’ll experience at La Maison.

La Maison is also a great place for private parties that include you helping prepare the menu alongside the personal chef.

It’s like you’re attending a dinner party with friends ~ grab an apron and you get to help make the dinner!  Participate as much or as little at you like.

Cooking classes

The perfect time!

Every cooking class has a new favorite recipe.

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Time to book those holiday parties

You can be the hero! Schedule a unique holiday event everyone will remember.

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